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Bringing Pure Joy, Real Truth, & Revival Love

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Events with Sandy

Hey beloved, my name is Sandy Holly, and I'm a recovering sinner. I am passionate about reading, studying, and proclaiming the Word of God. Using the gifts God has given me, I bring pure joy, real truth and revival love to my talks! I would love to meet and encourage you and your team, small group, youth event or congregation. I'll remind you of God's promises and encourage you to keep running the race....until your last breath. 

Talk Topics


Based on Sandy's Books

The Color of Love

From the crystal-clear beginning of creation, right through to the anticipation of the golden streets of heaven; a clever and easy way to share and understand the gospel in living color. The story of God encourages the audience to start their own story with God. 


Check Your Bag 

Run fast, run light, and run all the way to heaven! Empty out your bag so you can run with endurance the race mapped out before you. Encouraging ways to make time for God, and apply scripture to your daily life. 



Before We Fly Away

Discover your God-given passion and how to become fearless and live out the works that God created in advance for us to do. Be reminded of all the things God wants us to do while we're here. And along the way how to find joy in every God-given thing under the sun! 


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Pure Joy, Real Truth & Revival Love

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