2020 Reflection

As this record book year comes to a close, I searched through my thousands of photos taken this year for love proofs. These are the proofs that God is in this place and continues to love us. Below is a picture of my Top 9 Memories from 2020. I hope this inspires you to do the same. God is everywhere and He has definitely been with us in this challenging year.

  • This year, I had a blast gifting my parents the 12 Days of Christmas. To get inspiration to do this next year read here. 12 Days of Christmas

  • I had joy relaxing on my porch with a coffee and a couple of dogs, just watching the cows stroll by. I share more of my personal life on Instagram. Find me here.

  • I made many wood-fired pizzas and watched the sunset almost daily, now both of those are proofs of God's love.

  • We put in a pool this year and there was no better time than this year to be home enjoying it!

  • I donated my car of nineteen years to Cars4kids.org, and enjoyed riding around in my new-to-me ride.

  • Lastly, my greatest gift of 2020 was completing the Color of Love video, where I share the gospel in Living Color. Please have a listen and share with others. The Color of Love video

Thank you for coming along on this Jesus Journey with me and stay tuned. I have a brand new book coming out in January. Go, have a great day! I'm rooting for you. Love, Sandy

New Book Title Release Coming Soon!!


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