To L.A. and Back

I hopped a plane last week to L.A. and had my little world rocked! The Table Coalition hosted a gathering in California to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of its founder, Billy Graham, whose tent revivals launched a movement. I went to help set the table at the Table Coalition! Pastors and leaders gathered there to prayerfully commit to the simple mission and message of Billy Graham—to make Jesus known across the nation.

The Table Coalition exists to catalyze partnership within the American churches for the sake of evangelism. The gathering connects influencers with a vision of the gospel for every person and for kingdom impact around the globe. We gathered together to be reminded that we are not alone in our evangelizing, many more are laboring like us, and we prayed in solidarity and emphatically for revival. We worshipped together and strengthened and encouraged one another.

I thought I would be attending a gathering and a revival of sorts, with a multitude of likeminded people seeking to commit and make Jesus known across the nation. What I joined was a very small gathering of likeminded people committed to God and each other that this would be the year of the Bible and that the name of Jesus Christ would be made known across this great nation.

What I had anticipated to be thousands ended up being a room of fewer than 100 people. Although the room was alive with the Spirit of God and I could easily see Jesus in the eyes of others, I thought to myself, there are not enough people! I have been praying for this revival for the last eleven years—since the year I was saved. I prayed to see a revival, to be in it, to live in it, to witness in it, and to do my part to make it happen. Yet as I sat in a room full of unified people and thought, it’s not enough.

I was floundering with much anticipation and worry about God’s not providing enough people. I had thought hundreds or even thousands would be in attendance, and He quickly quieted my noisy soul. During a break in the conference, I sought the solitude of my room. I had to talk to God about there not being enough people. As soon as I got alone with God and before the thought came to a conclusion, I heard God pause me, question me, and challenge me to my core. God asked my soul, “Wasn’t I the One Who fed 5000 with five loaves and two fish? Wasn’t it I Who fed yet another 4000 with seven loaves and a few small fish? Is it not I Who can do it again?” (Matthew 14:15-21, 15:32-38)

With my head completely bowed and little air left in my lungs, I answered aloud, “Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord!” How little I make God sometimes. How I pull Him down to my size. The Lord took the resource that was available; He used what was accessible, blessed and multiplied it handsomely, and He’ll do it again!

This was my shot. God was answering my prayers and letting me see everything I have been praying for the past eleven years; it was on display at the conference. I think it’s why He let me have a seat at the table. God hears prayers. Then He answers and shows us how to help. Yeah, we get to help God be a blessing to others. God called me to L.A. to restore my heart and remind me of my God-given mission to evangelize. He confirmed I was going to see a revival and do my part in it.

Even after all this conversation with God, I continued to wonder why I was there. After all, I am only this little girl with this little ministry in a room full of powerful people with great influence. And all I could hear God say was “Wait and watch!” So, I will wait and watch, and in the meantime, I will eagerly serve with my whole heart, use all my words as fast as I can type, pray and work! I will wait and watch for Jehovah Jireh, the great and awesome God Who provides to call every last one of His beloveds home. I will see it! I will wait and watch!

After all this had transpired, I returned to the table. God let me see all the many different and beautiful ways this revival will happen. God uses every resource that is obedient and willing to His call. He uses big and little influences to impact the world for His glory. Overall, my heart was full as I heard numerous and invaluable speakers encourage us to remember, recommit and rally together in partnership to make Jesus known across our great nation and beyond.

Here’s what God is up to in 2020! Here’s the beautiful ways this revival will unfold. Find a cause that speaks to your heart and get involved. 2020 will be the year of the Bible! Amen.


Stay tuned! Next week I’ll share about the two different break-out sessions I attended that focused on politics and religion and the digital ministry.


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