Dinner Reservations

As we sit around our own tables this week, I was wondering if you ever daydream about the events of the last supper or the heavenly banquet that will come? I do, and I spend my cloud-gazing days doing exactly that! From the beginning of His time, Jesus has been calling us home for a meal together and an eternal seat at His dining table.

Jesus will sit at the table again one day with His believers in heaven. He tells us in Luke 14:15-23 at the parable of the great feast that everyone is invited to dinner on the other side of the door. He wants a full house. As He extends the invite to everyone, the excuses start to roll in:

• “I can’t make it; I’ve got my kid’s game.”

• “I’m working overtime this week.”

• “I don’t have anything appropriate to wear.”

• “I don’t have any gas money.”

Many turned down His invitation because the timing didn’t fit into their schedules. Jesus concluded the parable, saying those who declined the invite will not get to taste the food at the banquet. All invitations have expiration dates, and so do we. Don’t miss the gift: the invitation that God has given us through Christ Jesus to dine with Him in eternity.

Jesus is a gentleman as He cordially invites us to His dinner party. It’s our choice to attend. What excuse is He hearing from you?

After my excuses ran out, the dining experience came full circle for me as an adult, especially after I learned the significance of dining together in the last supper. Not until I learned who Jesus really is did I understand what I was longing for at the dinner table—a meal that would never end.

Oftentimes, important transactions unfold at the supper table: kids’ report card discussions, business negotiations, company mergers, and in this account, life and death, and life again. In Revelation 19:6-9, the apostle John’s vision of a feast at the wedding supper of the Lamb is described as a time when God and His beloved church will be joined forever. Blessed are those who are invited to this celebration feast. This invitation is to the meal of a literal lifetime—to dine with Jesus at the holy banquet and finally live life without sin or sadness.

Apparently, the table only functions properly when you choose to walk through the door of salvation. Jesus is often called the door. Everyone has the key to unlock Heaven’s door. Man holds the key. The Holy Bible is the key. Jesus said in John 10:9 that He is the door, and anyone who believes in Him will have eternal salvation. Jesus is the Judge standing at the narrow door waiting to receive us.

Take a look at an average door. As a rule, only one adult can fit through at a time. Two can’t go through it together—only in single file. That’s why we hold the door for each other. Perhaps the door needs to be narrow because of deceptive philosophy and the injudicious beliefs of this world.

Christians make every effort to enter through the narrow door because the door will not be open forever. Many who claim to be a Christian will try to enter, only to hear the Judge say, “I never knew you.” On the other side of mercy’s door, our worlds change. Jesus explained in Mark 10:31 that in the world to come, the values of this world will be reversed. Those who seek status here will have none there, and those who have been humbled and served others here will be great in Heaven. We might even be surprised by who is not dining at the table and also by those who are present.

No matter who you were before you walked through the door; here, you’re no orphan anymore. All are brothers and sisters by His blood. The Bible tells us that many surprises await believers in heaven. I could daydream about heaven and the image of the heavenly feast all day long. The image of the family of God at the long table is exciting to ponder. When dining in a new place, all of your senses are heightened to the new experience. I wonder how the table will be set. Will there be candles or will the bright sun shine on us? What foods will be served? I imagine everybody’s favorite—all at once and on time.

I am in awe as I take my imaginary-for-now seat at God’s table. God is the perfect host. Not only has He reserved a seat for us, He has also set a place for us at His table. His is the only table I want to sit at. Everyone is invited to the table, but not everyone will get through the door to feast. Will you accept your dinner reservation at His table? Oh, the awe and wonder of what awaits on the other side of the door at the table for those who accepted the invite—the feast!


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