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Living Life in the Lion's Den

Living life in the lion’s den was certainly no fun for Daniel, but his faith and the time we are living in now, commands a second look at his story. God protects His believers!

In the book of Daniel, his story starts as a God-fearing man who was taken into captivity. He had to adjust to his strange surroundings without compromising His love for God. Throughout time, Daniel was loved and chosen by King Darius to be set over the entire kingdom. Through this process, Daniel’s peers had become jealous of him and wanted to set him up for failure. They cunningly manipulated the king to write a decree that stated for thirty days no one should pray to God and only praise King Darius. Those who did pray to God would be thrown into the lion’s den.

Daniel refused to obey King Darius’s decree and continued to pray faithfully three times a day to God. When he was seen in his disobedience, he was ordered to be thrown into the lion’s den with several full-grown, hungry lions.

The next day, the king went to see if Daniel’s God had saved him. Daniel told him that God had sent down an angel that closed the lions’ mouths. They were unable to hurt him because he was doing right by the Lord. Daniel was so faithful to God that He protected him and shut the mouths of the lions.

The day Daniel entered the den I cannot imagine the fear that he felt. Legs shaking with each step he made. Darkness on the prowl waiting for a meal. Yet Daniel loved God enough to be punished for it. God saw his love and provided for him. Daniel left the lion’s den without even a scratch on him. God had protected him. He protects all believers—men, women, and children who come to Him and make Him a priority.

Those who believe are redeemed and now belong to God; He protects those who are His.

I believe Jesus wants all of humanity to hear His Word and to know His truth. God wants all of us to choose Him. We are given one life on Earth and this one body filled with His breath to choose Him. We have been given the opportunity to know Jesus now and to recognize who He is by the lessons explained in the Holy Bible. Now is the time to grow your earthly relationship with Him, or you will be forced to acknowledge Him when He returns. Jesus will return at a moment that no one but the Father will know. Are you ready to meet Him? Will it be one of exaltation or degradation?

When you have unwavering faith in the one true God, He works all things for your good. This is the very same God who sends His angels to protect us. When I think about how God protects me, I am always reminded of the story about Daniel in the lion’s den. Fear not, for God protects His believers! Walk bold in the faith you have in the Lord, even if it is into the Lion’s den!

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