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Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Hi Friends,

I thought I’d dig a little deeper and tell you a little bit more about myself.

I’m a thick black coffee drinker—the darker the better. I like to have at least two cups before I move, function, and really talk to others. I know you’re all thinking “Sandy Sunshine” doesn’t wake up spouting out rainbows and butterflies? Nope, the short answer is, “Must have coffee and must meet with Jesus first.”

If we’ve never met in person, you wouldn’t know this. but if we’ve spent at least five minutes together, you would quickly find that I have one big, boisterous and infectious laugh. Very quickly, you would either be laughing at me or with me—doesn’t matter which to me as long as you’re laughing. Right after smiling, laughing is my favorite expression.

I love to hear your God stories of accepting Jesus or of experiencing a profound miracle at the hand of God. If you’ve been in ministry long enough or attended a Bible study, you know that everyone has a unique God story. And I love hearing all of it! I love sitting, watching, and listening to every word about how God acts and intervenes in another person’s life. I’m interested, and I’m all ears. I usually keep asking, “…and then what? Tell me more!” The bottom line is that I want to be where God is at and to be reminded of His ways through others.

I’m also a travel junkie who loves everything about airports. I love the hustling and bustling around amongst the lost looks. I scout out local artists to see their talents on display. I love touching the 3-D art and looking up high at it. I enjoy a fun treadmill walk through a jungle or a light and music show as I head to the next terminal. I look forward to having my cup of coffee in the clouds and singing at the same time to Jesus. Thank goodness, the airplane motors drown out my song, but God still hears it! Mostly, I love the excitement of arriving anywhere I get to go.

Annual Tie-Dyeing of the Scarfs

I, for one, am as artsy as they come! I love creating new art. I try to learn how to do at least a couple of new art projects a year. Last year I painted on a gigantic canvas using only my hands. This year I learned how to pour acrylic and make flowers out of felt. For next year I’m kicking around the idea of learning how to weld metals or blow glass. I do love the challenge of learning something new and creative, but overall, I simply love all kinds of art.

Here’s the really real of it: I can’t cook a lick. If something is fun, like BBQ sundaes served in cups, I’ll duplicate it somehow. Plain ol’ cooking—I can’t do it. Mr. Holly (my husband) sent me to Cooking school not once, not twice, but three times! He even sent my mom with me one time, and through all of those lessons, all we learned how to do was make taco soup and learn what temperatures are needed to boil the kinds of oil. I am still questioning, for what am I boiling the oil? I still don’t know, but after fourteen years of marriage, we’ve learned to step into our strengths and step back from our weaknesses. He cooks; I clean.

God had in mind an extreme extrovert when He created me. I love talking to strangers, meeting new people, laughing and hugging others. I am an extrovert living in an introvert’s paradise, but it works for me! In this noisy world, my mind is noisy; but my land serves as a noise barrier. We usually live where there are few neighbors and fewer traffic. God keeps providing these places so I can hear Him, and we can write above the noise. In Utah where God captured my heart, just one look at those majestic mountains stopped the noise. In Wisconsin, He shrouded me in the coziness of the Wisconsin forest. I felt God’s embrace through the silence of the trees that quieted my soul. And there we (God and me) got to work writing three more books. Then He led me right here to the new place—wide-open spaces that take away my breath and leave me, the writer, speechless. Here, under the majestic, ever-changing skies, is where I see His love displayed. He quiets the noise so the two of us can get to work. Here, I love the sound of absolutely nothing and the occasional moo.

Last, but certainly not least at all, hearing from you is one of my favorite things. I enjoy getting to know new friends from social media and travels. I love hearing from lifelong friends and family. I pray over each comment and like as they come in, and I pray for God to use my words for His glory. I hope my writing makes you laugh and smile. I pray it also heals, encourages and challenges your souls as well. Most of all, I hope it brings you closer to the Father heart of God.

Feel free to drop me a line; I’d love to hear from you. Keep going, sweet friends!

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4 則留言

I am blessed and so fortunate to know you and I hope that someday we will meet in person again! Keep doing what your doing! Love you girl!


Hi sandy! You said it all ! Love to read anything you write! You have such a sweet sweet soul! May God bless you always. Love mom❣️


I love this and I love you even more! I’m am so proud of the woman God made you to be! I’m so blessed to have you in my life! I need to get a visit in with you soon!!!


Great post about yourself. You really nailed it babe. Don’t sell yourself short in the kitchen. You’re a good cook when you remember to buy the right ingredients :-).

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