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Two weeks ago at the Table Coalition, I sat in on two breakout sessions—the digital ministry and politics and religion. When I sat in the first session about digital ministry, I quickly learned that each generation asks a question about God.

Two young creatives who had formed a unique company called Alabaster guided us through a lesson in what works in the digital ministry and what doesn’t work right now. They transitioned into the statement that captivated me: each generation asks a question about God—one that will bring them to Him. Their research led them to the answer that their generation asks: “What is beautiful?”

The two co-founders, Brian Chung and Bryan Ye-Chung (no relation), of Alabaster have done an amazing job of answering the question for their generation and pointing them to Jesus. As an answer, they have created beautiful Bibles full of attractive and inspiring art. The two Chungs have made the Bible beautiful by bringing the Word to life through art. Gone to them and their generation are the days of the thin grade of scritta paper with its black and white clip art. Now welcoming the Lord Jesus and the new generation is living color Bibles! The Word of God is the same, but the art and inspiration will most assuredly be unique as it changes from one generation to the next. I, for one, love how God is coming to gather His beloveds and showing them what is more beautiful.

In the next session, I learned how God will gather and unite His beloveds through politics and religion. Oh yes, I’m going there in this blog. Breathe in; breathe out. Read on.

I heard the same message from two very different men. One, who was a Democrat spoke first of the pitfalls that his party had sanctioned in opposition to his belief in God. Predominantly, he spoke of the party’s overall unsupported sanctity of human life with abortion and a woman’s right to choose. I could see that both issues clearly caused him grief. Then he addressed what he thought his party did right in terms of helping the needy and impoverished with government regulation in the economy.

I then heard from a Republican who prays diligently with and for President Trump. When he spoke to not more than eight of us, he reminded us that we are called to pray for our leaders. Praying for our leaders and those in authority is a biblical command (1 Timothy 2:1-4). Even though this man prays with the President, he doesn’t do photo ops at the White House. As the pastor of a mega-church in Brooklyn, he doesn’t want his political belief to be bigger than God. He separates the two, and keeps the main thing—God, the main thing.

The message that these two men wanted us to understand was that their political party did not define them. Both reiterated frequently that their relationship with Jesus does the defining. Both said that for those who are deeply rooted in Christ, it’s about something bigger than politics—it’s about love—loving one another and working together. We are to work together for the greater good. Let your identity be found in Jesus—not politics.

Yes, give a voice to the unborn and meet the needs of the poor and impoverished—as the Bible tells us to do in Proverbs 31:8-10, 14:21. Take up for the cause that is near and dear to your heart, realizing that Jesus Christ has given you that desire. Realize we all want the greater good for our nation, but most of us have a different view of order midst the chaos.

Moving ahead, how does this upcoming year of politics look to you? Do you dread all the negative ads? Are you fearful of our nation’s becoming even more divided one way or the other? Do you sense and see the immediate need for a revival in our nation and around the world?

I don’t know what this next year looks like for you, but I see the immediate need for believers to be immersed and completely saturated in the Word of God. We need to choose to get back to the basics of life and relearn and remember how to treat others.

I want to share how we can get through this next year and make it truly the best one yet. We need to wholeheartedly recommit ourselves to God, openly recommit our life to His. Pray to Him about our immediate needs and the needs of others. Read His Word regularly and put it into action in our lives. In times of trouble, we can cling to the truth of God’s Word, which reminds us how to love and why we serve others. Reading the Word of God aloud, to each other, in public, and from the rooftops is how revival will happen!

Through God’s people revival will happen. Revival comes when believers recommit their life to His. When others see that commitment and the peace of God that comes, they will likewise want that type of peace, grace and beauty in their lives.

If we all commit to being saturated in the Word of God and making 2020 the year of the Bible, we will see a revival across America and around the globe. We will see more people coming to Jesus and not looking at politics and religion as separate, but as one united in Christ. Politics won’t be our identity but merely a cause we support. People will be looking at others through the eyes of God and will become more united in Christ than the Devil can ever divide. In solidarity, we’re Christians first, believing in the God who saves and is peace Himself.

Lay it down, surrender all to Him, pick up your Bible and start reading aloud….

Read until the hurt is gone.

Read until the help comes.

Read for the next generation.

Read for your generation.

Read for answers.

Read for truth.

Read to anyone who will listen.

Read to find how the story ends.

Read to hear your part in the story.

Read until Jesus comes back.

Read until Jesus calls you home.

Read for the glory of God.

Read for the respect of who He is.

Read with childlike faith.

Read with fresh eyes.

Read and see that this is God!

Read until you hear Jesus’ name in common conversation everywhere.

Read the Word of God because He asked you to.

Read until revival happens.

Will this be the year that you surrender all to Him? Go on, friend, give it all! Become something more beautiful.

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