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What's Your Story?

Yahoo! It's time to tell your story in your own personal book. Everyone has a story to tell. May I encourage you to write your story and explore your life? Journaling your personal experience is a way of organizing your thoughts and helps you remember the character of God. You will find the places where God has shown up in the most beautiful ways. It was through journaling that God had the opportunity to grow and shape me. Will you let Him shape you?

Start writing about an even in your life or a miracle you have witnessed in your Jesus journey. Maybe you will want to start at the very beginning of how you came to know Him. Or maybe you will choose to fast forward and write about how your story is now unfolding. Whatever and wherever you choose to start telling your story is the perfect beginning.

Perhaps you have someone in mind who could use this journal as a gift to express his or her story. Journaling through the daily experiences of life can become a constant source of comfort. Telling one's story is often how God heals His children.

Allow the freedom of storytelling to flow from your pen. In 1 Corinthians 3:3, the apostle Paul describes Christians as the living letters from Christ, written not with pen and ink but with the Holy Spirit captured in our hearts. Enjoy the journey of sharing your heart and one day you will say This is My Story!

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