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As I began to write Fearless 365, ironically I was scared. "What do I know about being fearless?" I cried to God. "I don't know a thing about being fearless. God quickly answered my cry. He said, "Yes you do. Every time you trusted me with your life, your sadness, and your spirit, you were fearless. Come with Me now; I am going to show you the rest. I will show you how to be completely fearless-leaving it all behind. 


I learned to find my voice and roar. My roars were little at first-like a baby cub testing her boundaries...and her mother. Then I learned to really roar from the gut of my being. I belted out joyful, therapeutic roars against evil. Some were even silent roars that pushed back evil and the Devil shake and tremble. 


God wants to use you, and He has specifically designed you to make a difference in the world. He wants to strengthen you and give you the desires of your heart, but He cannot do that if you remain in fear. When the hammer comes down, the gauntlet is thrown, and the rooster crows, He will not say "I never knew you." I can't wait for you to find your roar! Let's follow the fearless King and turn these pages daily to fear less and become Fearless!


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Fearless 365


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