I’ll Fly Away is a reminder of the very heart of God: what He wants us to do while we’re here, the peace to possess in our days, the company to keep along the way, and the love we have to give. In a sense, this book is a call to come on home before we fly away.


As we come on home, there’s just something about hearing and singing old gospel hymns that speak deep into our souls and soothe it. A few of the chapter titles that remind us of simpler days and of days we can still have here…until we fly away include the following:


Just a Closer Walk with Thee, Down to the River to Pray, Jesus Paid it All, There’s Power in the Blood, Amazing Grace, Days of Elijah, Ain’t No Grave, I Saw the Light, What a Friend We have in Jesus, Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling.


Through these chapters titled by songs are some God-given prayers, praises, and encouragement for the journey home. Here, God whispers grace; can you hear it? He also laughs in flowers; can you see it? God beckons us daily to come closer and snuggle into His goodness. His arms are stretched open as wide as the skies, calling us in for a holy hug. Can you feel it? God has given us everything we need to come closer…until we fly away.


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I'll Fly Away