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Recovering Sinner, Adopted by Christ, Saved by Grace 

Hi, my name is Sandy Holly, and I’m a recovering sinner. Through the grace of God, I became an author, encourager, and evangelist. I am passionate about reading, studying, and proclaiming the Word of God.


Using the gifts God has given me, I bring pure joy, real truth, and revival love to all of my books—that’s seven and counting. I’ll encourage you to keep running the race…until your last breath and you fly away.

This is My Story

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Even though I've written several books (by the grace of God), but I'm not a trained writer. My story unfolds over ten years ago in the middle of the Utah Desert where I had to figure out who this "God" really is. I was surrounded in a culture unbeknownst to me and I started journaling all my thoughts and adventures.


Before long, I met the God, who saves and I saw where we, God and me were going. I put in the hard work and learned all I could about publishing books. And I've been publishing a book every year since. 

I write to encourage others and proclaim the good news of the Bible. I do these things so that the table will be full (Luke 14:15-23).


Thanks for taking time to read my story. I live in Apollo Beach, Florida with my husband James and three dogs (Tango, ChaCha, & Gypsy). Have a look around the Shop and see what God is up to.

Meet the Author: Learn more about Sandy Here!

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