Recovering Sinner, Adopted by Christ, Saved by Grace 

This is My Story


Hi, my name is Sandy Holly, and I'm a recovering sinner. Through the grace of God I became an author, encourager, evangelist and founder of Jesus Freak Ministries.


God had in mind an extreme extrovert when He created me. I love talking to strangers, meeting new people, laughing and hugging others.


I am an extrovert living in an introvert’s paradise, but it works for me! In this noisy world, my mind is noisy; but my land serves as a noise barrier. We usually live where there are few neighbors and fewer traffic. God keeps providing these places so I can hear Him, and we can write above the noise. 


It’s so true: not all who wander are lost. I am found in God, but I roam like it’s nobody’s business. In Utah where God captured my heart, just one look at those majestic mountains stopped the noise.


In Wisconsin, He shrouded me in the coziness of the Wisconsin forest. I felt God’s embrace through the silence of the trees that quieted my soul. And there we (God and me) got to work writing three more books. Then He led me right here to the new place—wide-open spaces that take away my breath and leave me, the writer, speechless.


Here, under the majestic, ever-changing skies of northwest Virginia, is where I see His love displayed. 

He quiets the noise so the two of us can get to work. Here, I love the sound of absolutely nothing and the occasional mooing of a cow.

I write to encourage others and proclaim the good news of the Bible. I do these things so that the table will be full (Luke 14:15-23).


Thanks for taking time to read my story. I live in the farm country of Virginia with my husband James and three dogs (Tango, ChaCha, & Gypsy). I have bachelor degrees in business and psychology. I have worked in non-profits, served on non-profit boards of directors, and volunteered for many different organizations. Have a look around the Shop and see what God is up to.

Recovering Sinner, Adopted by Christ, Saved by Grace

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