Hi, my name is Sandy Holly, and I'm a recovering sinner. After I found Jesus back in 2008, I was so inspired with the realization that I was saved by grace, I wanted to proclaim the gospel and love of Christ from the inside out.

So, I started making my own clothes and jewelry. I’d sew crosses and hearts onto shirts, jackets and purses.  I used permanent markers to write scripture designs on my clothing. This was the foundation of Jesus Freak Apparel. They were conversation starters. And I am sure that is what God had intended with the inspiration of Jesus Freak Apparel.

Becoming a writer also took me by surprise. I was just going through life journaling my thoughts when God revealed my gifts to me and inspired me to write. Through my time spent with God reading the Bible, He inspired me to keep writing for Him to encourage others. The books keep coming. God is so fast, it’s hard to keep up.

In business you're often asked why. Why is it you write, or design? My answer has been the same since the beginning. I do these things so that the table will be full (Luke 14:15-23).


Thanks for taking time to read my story. I live in the farm country of Virginia with my husband James and three dogs. I have bachelor degrees in business and psychology. I have worked in non-profits, served on non-profit boards of directors, and volunteered for many different organizations. Have a look around the Jesus Freak Apparel Shop and see what God is up to. 

Recovering Sinner, Adopted by Christ, Saved by Grace

Jesus Freak Ministries

PO Box 242 Gore, VA 22637